Same Day Appointments Matter

More than likely we'll all be in a car accident at some point in our lifetime. It's just the type of society we live in with the amount of cars that are on the road nowadays. However, it's not something that happens regularly, and therefore the process after an accident can be a bit of an enigma for most people in Oklahoma.

Offering same day appointments to our community is something that we believe in. Not everyone offers these services and we think it's an important service to offer. It allows patients experiencing pain to receive relief as soon as possible. It gives our patients a sense of safety and comfort. It could also help strengthen your auto accident case, in the event that the case goes to trial.

Imagine (knock on wood) you're in a car accident and you sustain an injury that is causing you some pain and discomfort immediately following the accident. You call your family doctor but are told they don't treat auto accident injuries in their office. (See why here.) You do a Google search and finally find a place willing to treat you but they can't see you today! Now you have to wait 3 days while in pain. This can cause anxiety and is obviously an exasperating experience.

How frustrating would the scenario above be? At AIM, not only can you see an accident injury specialist but you can do so the same day! We feel it's an extremely important service to offer our patients in order to alleviate the anxiety and frustration that can accompany a car accident. What a relief for everyone, especially our patients who are in pain.

In some cases, the auto accident may go to trial. In the event that it does, you want to have the strongest case possible in order to win. It can look better to court if there is continuity of care meaning not a lot of appointments were missed or rescheduled and treatment was sought out directly following the accident. This can show the court that the injuries in question were in fact a direct result from the car accident. Lucky for you, AIM has all of the services you need to make the strongest case possible.


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