What do I do after a car accident?

Injured in a car crash and not sure what to do next? Chances are your primary care physician see you, and you go to someone that specializes in auto accident injury care.

Why won't my Primary Care Physician Treat Me Post Car Accident?

Auto accidents can be scary, and you may be left feeling uncertainty and uneasiness after the incident. These feelings only increase if you need to be seen by a doctor. You are probably thinking, "I'd just go see Dr. Jones, who I see for everything else. I've gone to her for years!"

Unfortunately, most primary care physicians (like your Dr. Jones) do not treat patients suffering from injuries sustained in an auto accident. Well, why the heck not? Here is the simple version.

Oklahoma Auto Accidents Procedures

When you have injuries sustained from a car accident, health insurance companies will not pay for the treatment of said injuries. Instead, the car insurance company for the car accident responsible party will be paying all medical costs.

Sometimes, it can take a while for a provider to get paid and the entire process of getting paid is a hassle to deal with. Some accidents are disputed and end up in litigation for months. A doctor might even have to take off work to testify. Instead of dealing with this slow, painstaking process, most primary care doctors just choose not to treat auto accident patients. In doing so, they end up saving time and money.

So, where does that leave you when you need treatment from an auto accident and your normal physician won't treat you?

Auto Accident Injury Management

You have a great alternative in Accident Injury Management, or AIM. By becoming an AIM patient, you gain access to physicians that are specifically trained for auto accident injuries in convenient locations throughout Oklahoma. You can rest easy knowing we will take great care of you. Finally, becoming an AIM patient is absolutely free to you!

Give us a call, we're here to help. 1-855-432-1AIM (246)

AIM for better accident care.


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